Steps to Buying a Home

The Home Buying Process

Site Preparation

Before your home is installed, make sure the site has been properly prepared. Careful attention to the following details will help ensure satisfaction with your home for years to come. Your retailer can provide you with valuable guidance and assistance.

If you're having the home installed on your own land, you may be responsible for site preparation. It is often a good idea to have your retailer or installer inspect the site to offer specific advice on your responsibilities.

Here's a site preparation checklist:

  • The delivery truck must be able to reach the site.
  • The site must be as level as possible.
  • The area where the home will sit must be clear of trees, rocks and other debris.
  • The soil must be graded and sloped away from where the home will be placed for water runoff.
  • Fill soil must be compacted adequately as required by local codes to prevent the foundation from sinking or shifting.

While you may be able to do some of the site preparation, most tasks, such as grading and compacting soil, require professional expertise. Otherwise, you could do damage to your home that's not covered by the warranty.