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The North Carolina Manufactured and Modular Homebuilders Association (NCMHA) is a nonprofit trade association representing retailers, manufacturers, finance and insurance companies, community owners and managers, developers, and service and supplier companies. Membership in the association totals more than 1,000. Member companies include all of the retail sales centers in the state, all of the in-state manufacturers, and virtually all of the out-of-state manufacturers who ship homes to the state. A high percentage of the suppliers and finance companies are also members. NCMHA was founded in 1968 to promote the ownership of manufactured homes and to develop high professional standards for those involved in the industry. The association's public, government, and consumer relations programs are directed toward these goals.

The association's public relations programs include a monthly newsletter for members; promotional material for distribution to members, consumers, government officials, educators and the media; and outreach programs such as the display at the NC State Fair. Consumers receive information on purchasing, energy efficiency and other issues.

NCMHA works closely with the N.C. State Legislature and county and municipal governments on issues of importance to the industry. The industry is closely regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on a national level. Departments of state government that have primary responsibility for regulating the industry are the Department of Insurance and the Department of Transportation (including the Division of Motor Vehicles). NCMHA promotes fair zoning for manufactured housing, regulations to improve the industry for business and consumers and affordable housing initiatives utilizing manufactured housing.

NCMHA serves as a resource for its members, providing information on regulations and statistics, and also acts as a forum in which to share ideas and concerns. The Association provides training seminars including the Registered Housing Specialist program, a certification program for retail salespeople. To promote business and fellowship, the association hosts a number of events and meetings.

Representing the Association are six officers and twelve directors, with three representatives each for the Retailer & Manufacturer divisions, two each for Community and Developer, Finance and Insurance and Service/Supplier divisions. Committees include Annual Meeting, Bylaws, Regulatory Affairs, Investment/Finance, MaHPAC, and Modular Roundtable. Nine local chapters are currently operating under the auspices of NCMHA. They are the Cape Fear, Capital Area, Western, Crystal Coast, Foothills, Piedmont, Southern Piedmont and Kerr-Tar Chapters. For information about an individual chapter or how to participate, contact NCMHA at (919) 872-2740.